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WLU Stands in Solidarity!

We at Westchester Latinos Unidos are deeply disturbed by the recent incident of racism and discrimination that occurred against street vendors in Yonkers by the BID Executive Director. As an organization dedicated to advancing the rights and welfare of Latino Communities in Westchester County, we strongly condemn any form of bigotry or hate speech directed towards our community members.

Street vendors are an essential part of our local economy and cultural fabric. They provide vital goods and services to our neighborhoods and help to create a vibrant and diverse community. We stand in solidarity with these hardworking individuals and their families, and we call on all community members to join us in supporting them.

We urge the Yonkers BID Board of Directors to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident, and to take appropriate action to ensure that all residents feel safe and respected in our community. We also call on our elected officials to work towards enacting policies that protect the rights of street vendors and promote inclusivity and the diversity in our county.

We know that our community is strong and resilient, as we will continue to stand together in the face of discrimination and hate. We are here to support our street vendors, and we will not rest until they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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